Currently studying Fine Art BA(Hons) at Leeds Arts University, Josh is in his final year of study and specialising in the painting strand.

Josh's paintings emerge through looking and real temporal experience, they focus on the uncertainty of the night within the urban landscape. This is explored by sketching and painting from direct observation of time and place. I often finalize my decisions based on subject and composition using a sketchbook which I use as a tool in order to understand my subject before I revisit the location in order to paint it.  


The paintings have moments of sublime passages where the uncertainty of shape and depth convey an ambiguity that is unsettling yet alluring. The subtle tones and brush strokes leave room for speculation, where the viewer is invited to look through the image and use their experience to build a relationship with the work.

Brush marks, texture and depth all play a part in composing paintings which are often small. He says this scale helps him to create an intimacy between painting and subject whilst enabling him to rapidly capture a scene in the moment.

A solid routine provides the foundations of my practice,  which is why whilst making this series of paintings I kept them all the same size, same time limit and around the same time at night, thus providing a real consistency in the work.